Through the looking glass, beyond our reality

Each year, the Neuroschool PhD Program of Aix-Marseille University provides students with the opportunity to organize a scientific event by themselves for all the scientific community. The PhD Days, organised by six students this year, is offering two days of conferences based on the theme of reality.


How can we define reality both from a philosophical and from a neuroscientific point of view ? How the perception of our reality can be disturbed by illusions, technology, drugs or pathologies as synesthesia or psychosis ? To provide some answers, we are pleased to welcome Pr. Alexis Paljic (MINES ParisTech, France), Pr. Julia Simner (University of Sussex, UK), Dr. Fabrizio Benedetti (University of Turin, Italy), Dr. Dasiel Borroto-Escuela (Karolinska Institutet, Sweden), Dr. Chris Moulin (Université of Grenoble, France) and Dr. Alexandre Billon (University of Lille, France).

Furthermore, PhD Days provide an opportunity for companies to assert their expertise in different fields and initiate future collaborations with the scientific community in Marseille. It is a pleasure to introduce companies such as Emotiv©, C2Care© and Dessintey©.

This year, we are pleased to welcome you at the PhD Days on December 6th and 7th in Luminy ! In addition, a public conference held by Pr. Jérôme Trouslard will take place the 5th in St Charles.

About us

2018 PhD Days organizing committee :

- VERNEUIL Jeremy (INT, Timone)

- FACCHINI Justine (LNSC, St Charles)

- PEPINO Lucie (IBDM, Luminy)

- PESCE Jonathan (IBDM, Luminy)

- CLAWSON Wesley (INS, Timone)

- POULKOURAS Romanos (INS, Timone)

The Neuroschool PhD Program of Aix-Marseille University is open to all PhD students in Neuroscience from AMU. It offers a unique training track with the aim of expanding and improving the knowledge and skills of its PhD students and to develop their professional network. 

This program is recognized and supported by Health and Life Sciences Doctoral School (ED62) and AMIDEX Label. Open to AMU neuroscience PhD students, this unique training track aims at expanding and improving your knowledge and skills as well as your professional network. It also introduces you to the corporate and medical worlds with practical, clinical and scientific training in English.

More informations on the Neuroschool PhD Program :

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